Mandatory This object is Within You Bags, Ladies Important!

Mandatory This object is Within You Bags, Ladies Important!

Each is traveling do not forget to bring a bag to hold important items that must you bring. Ladies, here are things that must exist in your bag as reported namely:

Mandatory This object is Within You Bags, Ladies Important!

Folding fan. This thing is very important to prevent you from swelter. Select that looks simple and not too wide so that all the space in your bag.

Logbook is very important to note this is important, because you do not need batteries for the record books you like your mobile phone. Do not forget to prepare PLASTIC PEN to record the important things in your record book.

Candy. Instead to avoid bad breath toothbrush you can cope with mint chewing’re into. Always have in your bag.

Power bank, serves to power on your phone. Of course you do not want to get into trouble just because your phone ran out of power.

Lipstick. Choose a lipstick with a neutral color, lipstick function is to make you more fresh in a way more instant. Lipstick with neutral colors also rescuing your appearance.

Instant hand sanitizer is very important because you do not know one day you come in contact with anything.

Bandages reserves, as supplies if you come in at any time so that you do not need to panic.

Small mirror. Always carry a small mirror to check your appearance.

Small pin in case if one of the buttons you off, so you do not need to panic.

Tie the hair and comb to keep the hair you keep tidy.

Ladies, in addition to the items above always bring deodorant, perfume and wipes are very important. All the goods are not only important to maintain the appearance is also important for your safety. Good luck and hopefully useful.

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