4 Tips to Achieve Second Wedding Dress

4 Tips to Achieve Second Wedding Dress

Changing the number of times the wedding dress is a natural thing in a wedding party. Especially if you use traditional practices in Indonesia, which usually consists of a series of ceremonies. Here are some tips that can help you.

4 Tips to Achieve Second Wedding Dress

Set a Budget
Budget should be established from scratch, how would you allocate to a wedding dress. From there you can determine the design and type of clothing that will be worn during the wedding ceremony and reception. Do not until you miscalculate so that the remaining funds have been depleted, resulting in a second fashion you can not be realized with the maximum.

Something different
Clothing that will be worn during the reception should have the characters are just as strong or even stronger than the clothes you wear during the wedding ceremony. Choose something different that you do not like wearing the same clothes. Can be tricked by color, or certainly different models. For example, if you wear a kebaya bride during the wedding ceremony, it would not hurt to pick a more modern clothing like evening dresses that hung down.

There should be always white
Wedding dress is synonymous with classic white color and looks so pure. Replacing the second wedding dress is one way for you who wish to try another color as your wedding dress. If at first you appear as a fashion bride with a classic white dress, then there is no harm in both clothing you wear bold colors, or can also use the color of clothing to match the wedding theme. Red or pastel hue could be the right choice.

Change Makeup
Cosmetology strongly supports your appearance to make it look different from the first. However, for example, the time available is not long enough, it will be a bit difficult if the change hair styles and makeup that should be big enough. Consult your makeup artist makeup transformation such as what might be done. Changing the color of lipstick or eyeshadow make a darker color is one of the tips are easy and quick to do, but can bring a big change in your appearance.
Now, with these tips above, choosing the right wedding dress will not be too hard again. Hopefully this info is useful, Ladies.

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